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Up To Me **Read A Long Chat 19-24**

Today we are about to go crazy Bourne style up in here!  
Let's go because there are lives at stake
Chapters 19-24 peeps.  If you haven't read them, don't read this!

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Chapter 19

AM- I’m way over Liv’s mom. No wonder she’s filled with insecurities. I have no respect for someone who constantly poo-poo’s on my life.

Christina - I want to slap her mother. ~~Ditto

Dani-Seriously right?!?!! I don’t know how Olivia didn’t slap her, hell I know I would’ve! ~~I seriously would have stayed in a hotel instead of at my moms house!

AM- “Now I’m stuck with all the unsaid things, all the regret for having been afraid. For not having acted.  Or spoken.  Or jumped. If, by some miracle of God, I get another chance before all this is said and done, I won’t be such a coward next time.” I have figured it out!!!!!! Liv is my twin. It’s why I get so frustrated with her sometimes. Similarities are #CrAzYyyy

Christina - I think we've all been there... But ya, she needs to tell him!

Dani- I think that’s what makes M.Leighton such a good writer. Her characters can interchange with her readers. We’ve all been in the same or similar situation as Olivia.

Chapter 20

AM- Yes, call her!!!!

AM- I’m sick of the both of them!! You both suck!!!! Lmaoooooo

AM- Olivia: I think I’m falling in love with you, she blurts.
       Cash: I won’t.  If I tell you ‘I love you’ it’s because I mean it, not because it’s an       expected response.
Arlene: GTFOH!!!! Cut the shit guys!

Dani-OMGosh i got so pissed at Cash here... I was like wtf no you just didn’t!!! I so would have took that, like he’s brushing me off.

Christina - Ummm just Say the 3 words DAMN IT!

Chele- I seriously do NOT get all the hesitation with these two.  Of course they should be calling each other to say ‘goodnight’ and ‘hi’ and ‘I love you’ and all that jazz especially considering what’s going on!

AM- “Damn straight. You’ll hold whatever I tell you to, right?” LMAOOOOO #HotDamn

Christina - Yes .... *faints*

Chele- Oh so demanding!  Me likey ;)

Chapter 21

AM- DANGER: SNOOTY ALERT!!! “Another charmer, I see,” my mother says caustically, eyeing Gavin with disdain.  “Your wiles might work on my daughter, but you needn’t bother with me.  I’m all too familiar with your kind.”

Christina - Her mom is a stuck up snob.

Chele- First Marissa and now Mom..this is a family trait huh!

AM- My kind? This sounds so nasty.

Dani- WTH is up the mom, seriously? Because her life is sooo perfect, biotch please!

AM- If you sneak away from Gavin. I foresee nothing positive coming out of this!

Christina - Foreshadowing lol that's what I think.

Dani-WTH is wrong with Olivia? I mean you know shit is going down and you know that someone could possibly be after you since GAVIN is there, oh what the hell I’m going to sneak away *smh* Olivia you are so damn stupid right now...parents don’t always know what’s best! ~~LOL

Chele- Typical dumb girl move running up the stairs when the psycho is in the house instead of out the door!  *I will NOT be that girl*

AM- #GirlTalkTime Does Olivia need her mom to see Cash as a good guy? I’m going to say no. All that matter is what Olivia thinks. Come on, you dont need any1 else’s approval but your own. *writes in journal to use in my own life.* Lol

Christina - No she doesn't need her for that. Her mom is terrible. IMO.

Dani- HELL no she doesn’t need ICE QUEENS approval. After staying away from her mother all these years she should know not to listen to her ace! Your opinion is the only one that matters!

Chele- Liv has issues...bad boy issues, mommy issues, listening to bodyguard issues!

Chele- One:  Momma has an Escalade!  Ms. Fancy Pants.  Two:  Ginger is freaking hilarious!  Three:  Finally words of wisdom from Ginger!  “If you love him, I say take the risk...”

AM- Told you guys!! It was a bad idea for Liv to leave Gavin behind. Now the bad guys have her. SMH.

Christina- SMH oh look Come kidnap me! *sigh*

Chele- Yes, there are deadly Russian mobsters after me, let me open my car window for this stranger!  Seriously Olivia!!

Dani- I think Olivia needs to learn how to kick some ass...seriously. ~~DITTO

Chapter 22

Chele- LOL, I love the typical mobster track suit.

AM- Did anyone feel bad for Marrisa?

Christina - *thinks* hmmmm  maybe.

Dani- I feel bad that they messed her ass up but maybe, just maybe she’ll get some sense knocked into that damn head of hers and if she does...nah then I don't feel as bad! ~~ Geez, we are not nice people with our lack of sympathy. LOL

AM- Cash knows they have Liv!

Christina - Furious Cash!!

Dani-I feel bad for Gavin.. not only did he lose Liv, but Cash isn’t going to be too thrilled.

AM- “I come across with my left elbow, smashing it into his face as hard as I can.” Cash is kicking ass and takin’ names. Lol

Chele- Fight! Fight! Fight!

Christina - Yes.... He's pissed.

Dani-That’s what happens when you take Cash’s girl...GET ‘EM CASH!! *cheers from the sidelines*

Chele- Rah Rah Ree kick him in the knee, Rah Rah Rass kick him in the...other knee

Chele- *Calling Fashion Police NOW*  We need help STAT!  There is a Russian mobster wearing wing tips with a track suit...what do we do?

AM- “Let him go or I’ll put a bullet in your skull.” Nash sounds so sexy.

Christina- Tough and rough Nash.

Dani- *sigh* though the boy sounds hella sexy... I don’t trust him...

AM- o_O Duffy killed their mom?! Oh Shizzzzzz - Damn I didn't see that coming.

Chele- I have a feeling Duffy won’t be long for this world

Dani-Duffy is just digging himself a deeper grave.

AM- Haha Nash is stuck with Marrisa.

Christina - Trouble with trouble. ~~Haha, I love it.

Dani-Is it just me or is Nash/Olivia not perfect for eachother?!

AM- Haha Gavin is going to go all Bourne Identity on Liv’s captors. I can't wait!! Lol ~~ME either...sounds like its going to be fun.

Chele- Gavin is starting to look mighty fine!

Chapter 23

AM- Oh no, poor Liv! :-(

Dani- *sigh* I bet she’s wishing she would have waited for Gavin now huh?! You think??

AM- They have orders to Kill her! We need Cash.

Christina - Hurry Cash!!!!!

Dani-Can you imagine what Cash is gonna do when he gets there...It’s gonna be on like donkey kong!

Chele- Girls just so you know I’m proficient in Tae Kwon Do (red belt) and have 2 years of self defense/kickboxing training.   Those tracksuit wearing jerks come near ya’ll and I will terminate them ;)  Just sayin’

Chapter 24

AM- I really do hope Olivia is okay.

Dani- AM Olivia better be alright or we gonna have problems!! ~Seriously!

AM- “Girlfriend!” The 1st mention of titles. *eeeep* Lol ~~Stupid girlfriend, but yes girlfriend none the less

Dani-IKR!! I was all excited things are getting serious!!

AM- I’m ready for the ass kicking to begin!! Lets go ladies! Liv needs us.~~HiYAAAA!  Grabbing my Kamas

Dani-I’m on my way. *Black spy gear..check... hair in ponytail..check... boots on... check... pink 22... check... hahaha*

Chele- Ooooo face paint!  Do you want a butterfly or a unicorn? *ahem, wrong time for this?*


Chele- Look...we are suited up and ready to kick some mafia zadnitsa!!

WHAT????  What a Chapter to end on huh?  As if Cash wasn’t a catch before!

Join us tomorrow as we finish up Up To Me.  I am getting all excited to see where things go from here.  We have lots to learn about Nash and Gavin still.
Plus I imagine there is going to be a little reunited sexual healing going on here for Cash and Oliva ;)

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