Saturday, December 29, 2012

Down To You & Up To Me ~ Read A Long

Are you ready to feast your eyes on the YUMMINESS that is 
M. Leighton's Bad Boy Series??

SupaGurl Books After Hours is partnering with 
Crazy Book Chicks After Dark
to bring you TWO weeks of the Twin hotness known as
Cash and Nash!

Here's what you need to do...nothing!  Just follow us and read!

Starting January 1 we will read (or re-read) Down to You!
During the week we will have amazing posts and discussions for you to check out.

Then, on January 6 Up to Me drops and we will all
devour it like Cash devours...well you'll just have to 
read to find out ;)

During the 6th - 11th we will post and chat Up to Me hotness.

AND of course no Read A Long would be complete without 
goodies and SWAG.
Thanks to the amazing M. Leighton for providing us with some goodies to pass along to you all!

So, readers get ready to ring in the New Year right and have a little fun with Cash, Nash, Olivia and 
the SupaGurls and Crazy Book Chicks!

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Dear Santa... Send Me a Black Dagger Brother, True!!

Dear Santa,

         I’ve been a good woman all year long… for Xmas I deserve to be naughty. I’m asking that you bring me a Black Dagger Brother from The BDB brotherhood. Please oh please send me Zsadist, the coldest, but the fiercest of the brothers but the one I feel the closest too.

Santa!!!! Those Yellow Eyes!!!!!

JR Ward has said, “I must confess. Of all of the brotherhood, he was the one I loved first and he remains the one I love the most. For me, he is just” Sighs… me too Santa!!!

P.S Santa if you could please throw in John, Thorment, Qhuinn and Xhex!! Yes Xhex too. *Winks* I plan on being extra Naughty in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.


BookGeek AM

“I was dead until you found me, though I breathed. I was sightless, though I could see. And then you came…and I was awakened.” -Zsadist

He's MINE!!!! *Rawr* ~~Bonded Female Here~

Dear Santa,

I’ve been naughty all year so let’s keep it up!! You should really send me the sin eater king aka Rehvenge so we could keep being naughty together all year round.

definitely need his mowhawk wearing, violet eyes having, barb in place, Sympath King self!!! Please Santa!!!

PS. If you want me to be a good girl in 2013, please send me Butch and Manny. Nothing is better then a BDB Ménage à trois.

Love Always,


"Don't you get it Ehlena." With gentle hands, he stroked down her calf and brought her foot forward, balancing it on his thigh. As he undid the laces of her cheapo Keds sneaker, he whispered, "No matter what you wear... to me, you will always have diamonds on the soles of your shoes.” -Rehv


Dear Santa,

I am a hardworking female, this year I would really love a wax candle, a sink, a bathroom and most of all Vishous!!!

 I need his turkish tobacco smoking, Grey goose drinking, tattooed up, glowing hand, kinkiness. ASAP please!!!

"When I want you to beg, I will let you know." -V

Thanks Santa,

From SupaGurl Books Afterhours... 

*Special Thanks to our guest blogger Selene. Feel Free to tweet her anytime about BDB!! On twitter @SJC7288

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Up To Me by M. Leighton **COVER REVEAL**

Oh... My girl M. Leighton has the cover for her new book coming out Up To Me!! I am so so freaking excited about this one... It's the continuation of Cash!!! from Down to You *RAWR*

Blurb for Up To Me:

Happily ever after doesn't come easy.  But for love, it’s always worth the fight.

Olivia finds bliss unlike any she’s ever known in Cash’s arms.  He sets her skin on fire and melts her heart right inside her chest.  Unfortunately, their happily ever after is short-lived when a shadow from Cash’s past threatens to turn their world upside down.

   Dangerous people from his father’s world have discovered that Cash holds information that could put them away for a very long time.  And they’re willing to do anything—and hurt anybody—to get it back.  Giving it up means Cash must choose between the life of his father and the life of Olivia.

Having nearly overcome her wariness of bad boys, Olivia’s trust is shaken when this new threat arises.  Now she finds that Cash is not only a danger to her heart, but his family has associations that are a danger to her life as well.  She soon discovers that there are some situations in life where trust is a girl’s only option.  And this is one of them.  If she’s to live, she must trust Cash with her life.  But to Olivia, that’s much, much easier than letting go and trusting him with her heart.

So I really cannot keep you hanging for any longer!!! so... here it is ...

no really ...

ready for SEX ON A STICK CASH??

Hot DAMN Leighton knows how to make some HOT covers!

NOW!!! Whatcha Think??