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Down To You Read A Long and Margaritas!!

Well hello my little SupaCrazy readers!  You all ready for some more Cash and Nash hotness?  Ohhhhhh mama we’ve got some steamy stuff coming up for you today!  Let’s get going...oh, and a reminder that this is truly 18+ stuff here kiddos so be WARNED! 

Here is a little key as to who is chatting:
Chele @ Supa Gurl Books
Dani @ Crazy Book Chicks
Christina @ Crazy Book Chicks
BookGeek AM @ Supa Gurl Books

We are reading Chapters 17 through 32 today!!  Catch 1-16 on yesterdays post.

Chapter 17

Dani- Cash, Baby you can undress me with your eyes any day!

AM- *giggles* How about you just undress me Cash?

Dani- Damn that boy can talk, “ You’ve got one chance to make my mouth water.” *fans self*

Chele- *mumbles* hum-a-na, hum-a-na, hum-a-na

Christina- when Cash talks I lose myself.. Wait what?

Chele- Girls, let me tell you what Cash likes!  I happen to have Olivia’s secret Margarita recipe right here!!  Spoke to Ms. M. Leighton myself and she filled me in:

2 ounces tequila
1 1/3 ounces Grand Marnier
2/3 ounce fresh orange juice
1/3 ounce lime juice

AM- Will be using this recipe.

Dani- I don’t know about y’all but when Taryn sucked Cash’s face if I was Olivia I would have slapped the Biotch!

AM- Slap Her!!! Lol

Christina- Oh me too! I would have walked right up and yanked her hair and slapped her.

AM- Crazy Book Chicks are violent! I love it!!! Lol ~~They are crazy awesome! Awww thanks. Bahaha would you have us any other way?

Chele- Um, if you think CBC’s are violent what about Olivia?  “I wanna paper cut her.  On every square inch of her body.  And then roll her in salt water.”  BOOM!

Christina - I'd hold her down and help Olivia.

Chele - Can we just discuss how Olivia accuses Cash, in her head, of sleeping with Taryn with absolutely no proof.  She is a bit judgey, is she not?  Poor misunderstood, hot loving Cash.  I would never think the worse of you honey!

Dani- “I wish you would flirt very openly with me.” Cash I’ll flirt with you. ~~Me too! ~~No, pick me, pick me!

Dani-*swoon* that is all!

Christina - Ya you just made me swoon there. Flirt away!!

Chele- When he says the whole time Taryn was kissing him all he could think about was kissing her!  *mushy me*  Kiss me Cash!

AM- Haha, he offered to fire her.
Christina - Fire her!! Fire HER!

AM- “But you want me and I want you.  Can’t we just have that?” I've heard this before... *rolls eyes* Lol But if Cash said this to me, I would go with it. Oh yeaaaaaaaa. ~~He makes a girl rethink commitment that is for sure!

“Think about how it will feel to have my tongue inside you.”  He nips my lobe with his teeth and I feel it all the way in the pit of my stomach.  I bite my lip to keep from moaning.  “And I’ll be thinking about what you taste like.”-Cash

No seriously?!?!? I’m logging off! Lol

Chele- *thunk!  Head desk*

Christina - *faints in Chocolate syrup so Cash can taste me*  

AM- Haha, you too much.

Chapter 18

AM- Marrisa is leaving for 2 weeks!! Thank God! Debauchery time! ~~I would so be doing the happy dance!

Dani- Even though Nash was thinking about Olivia... I don’t know what’s worse...him feeling up Marissa and getting caught or thinking about Olivia while feeling Marissa up...lost cool points with me Nash!

AM- I feel way bad for Olivia. :-(
Damn you Nash!

Chele- Here comes that thought that Nash is really not as sweet as he portrays.  How can Olivia still think him the “good brother” when he is totally playing with Olivia??

Chapter 19

Dani- “Uh-huh. That sounds like penis problems.” Bahahah ain’t that the truth. M.Leighton I love you and Ginger is just amazing!

Christina- I love Ginger! She just cuts loose!!

AM- #PenisProblems

Chele- Let’s figure out this henhouse problem!  LOL

Dani-”By the time he gets to me, I’m debating the need for a change of panties.”  haha Love it!

Christina - I needed to change mine after this book. Lmao

Dani-”Let’s go get you off.” Please do!

AM- Ditto!

Chele- Ditto her ditto!

Chapter 20

Dani-*sigh* Cash is showing his sweet side. Adorable.

AM- Way adorable, teasing and funny.

Christina- Love the Adorable side. We always see the rough "I'm going to take you now" exterior. Nice to see the cute side of Cash.

Chele- Tickle me in bed ;)

Chapter 21

AM- OMG, shit is about to hit the fan!!!!! *passes out*

Dani- Midnight Visitor!! Who do you think it is? Cash...Nash

AM- No seriously? Who was it? LMAOOOOOO

Christina - I'm saying it's Nash but I think the hotness Makes it Cash! (My choice)

AM- I’m thinking Cash too, because that shit was H-O-T!!!


AM- CHELE ice bucket now!!!!!!!! ~~On it!

Christina - *faints in a puddle*

Chele- *adds puddle to Christina’s puddle and we both drown*

AM- Too many small details, I think its Cash. Would Nash cross the line? *winks* maybe.

AM- “Say it,” he demands. ~~ Dani, Christina, Chele, say it!!!!!!!! Lol

Chele- IT!  IT!!!!

And if you’ve never seen this Friends episode google Friends Seven and you will understand why I posted it!  

Christina - Vampire. Wait wrong book. Umm CASH!!! ~~ LOL!

AM- “What kind of a floozy doesn’t know who she slept with the night before?” Haha thats what I thought too? Lol

Chele- How do we know it’s Cash or Nash??  She couldn’t see anything!  Maybe it’s some bad boy ex?!?  dun dun dun!

Dani-No shiz right Chele! Talk about major creepy!

Chapter 22

AM- “Nah, don’t you mean something more like a Tic Tac?” I love her sense of humor.  It’s a little shy, just like her, and it pokes it head out at the most unusual times. I smile and hold out my hand to her.  “Then come here and let me freshen your breath.” ~Too funny.

Dani-Oh my damn. Cash is beyond yummy...why is Olivia taking so long to give in?! DO IT ALREADY OLIVIA, you know you want to!

Chele- I think I need to buy my hubby a motorcycle!

Christina- She needs to get out of her own damn head! Just Let Go Olivia!! He'll take you places! :) Good, good places lol.

AM- Hmmm, maybe it was Nash.

Chapter 23

AM- Awwwwe Cash is who she wants.

Christina - Ya she wants him!

Dani- It’s always the bad boys that hook ya!

Chele- woot, woot, of course she wants him!  Join the general population honey.

AM- *shocked face* Who is Gabe??

Chele- ARGH!  See and Ex...maybe he is the midnight visitor??

Christina - Ex lamo lol

AM- Cash!!!!!

Chele- Just what you want to stroll in when your ex is around.  A hotty looking for some bootay...well looking for some of your bootay!

Chapter 24

Chele- Who is this ‘Jack’ and why does Cash like him ‘neat’?  LOL

AM- “If he hurt you, he’s worth it.”  I love Cash!!  Such an awesome line.

Christina - That had me going awwwwwww

Chele- A line every girl with an Ex wants to hear!  (take note boys)

AM- Does anyone else want to use the ladies room?  *Me: Olivia!! Ginger needs you! (turning towards Cash) No you stay!* Lol  

Christina - I want to see that in a movie! Hot hot!!!

AM: *grabs the liquor bottle* Oh Cash, please keep talking!

AM- “I’m going to set her free.” AMEN!

Dani- Hell someone needed to set her free!

Chele- I repeat hum-a-na, hum-a-na, hum-a-na!  Awww dirty girl ;)

Chapter 25

AM- OMG Cash loves Olivia. He’s definitely swoon worthy material. <3 <3 <3

Christina- I think he nuts about her! Swoon... Again can I watch him in a movie? Hint hint ML

Chele- Again, Cash?  Your insatiable!!

Dani-Yea he does but he’s definitely in denial.

Chapter 26

AM- Lol, I feel like voyeur. Cash can’t wait to see what she’s like when she lets go, neither can I. Lmao.

AM- These chapters are super Caliente! Dios mio!! This is one hell of a farm weekend. Lol

Dani- So CALIENTE!! *Fans self*

Christina - I think the live stock might be blushing!!

AM- Lmaooooooo, they're taking notes. I am.

Chele- M Leighton girl...thank you!  And my husband thanks you too ;)

Chapter 27

AM- Haha, Cash and his waggling eyebrows. Too cute.

Dani-Is it just me or is waggling eyebrows kinda hot?

AM- “More to Cash than the fact that he’s great between the sheets.  He’s charming and witty, he’s considerate and passionate. He’s smart and resourceful.  He’s all sorts of wonderful things that have nothing to do with his prowess in the bedroom. And in a public bathroom.  And against the shower wall.” FINALLY OLIVIA! Glad you have finally noticed Cash.

Christina- I would have said that after the bathroom sex but, she needed to make sure lmaoooo! The shower wall made me want to go take my own damn shower!!
Splash!!! Lol

AM- OMG that bathroom scene!!!

AM- Ummmm, M Leighton, where is my Boys Over Books shirt?! I want!!!!

Christina- I want one too!! ~~ME TOOOOOOO

AM- Olivia is starting to piss me off!! Stop wishing Cash was more like Nash, he is perfect, as is!!!!!

Christina - She want a bit of both, but I think she really wants Cash. Basically she needs to stop thinking so much. We women ugh!!

AM- Love this four wheeler scene!! Intense!

Christina - I am too! Holy crap! *makes list to try that*

Chapter 28

AM- Uh oh. What's going to happen next?

Dani- Olivia really needs to stop thinking so much and FEEEEL

Chele- I think she felt quite a bit this weekend!

Chapter 29
AM-  “His bright red tie is askew and his hair is mussed, making him look even more like Cash.  He’s like dream Cash.  Cash with a little more Nash.” *GIGGLES* But I’m not saying why, lol.

Christina - *giggles with you*

AM- Olivia, you floozy! Get off of Nash.

AM- It was Nash! The midnight visitor! Lol

Christina - yaaaaaa ummm

Chele- AHHHHH!  I wanted to cry for her bc really she doesn’t want it to be Nash anymore!

AM- Whatttt???!!!!???!!!!!!! STOP IN ALL THAT IS HOLY!

Christina - *eyes bulge out of head*

Chele- What the frak????

AM- “I feel like I’m going to an execution. Of my heart and my trust maybe.” ~~Me Too!

Christina - ML Is genius with this part! Love!! You don't see it coming  

Chapter 30

Dani-OMFG OMFG did he just say what i think he did?!?! BUSTED

AM- Okay, What the fuck?! Did he just say he’s Nash and Cash? The hot one’s are always bipolar, I swear, lol.

Christina - Not bipolar but completely good at this life he kept up.

AM- OMG to the story that Cash gives Olivia. This is unbelievable!

AM- Serious answers only girls? Did you guys feel sympathy for Cash? Were you all like, awe? Because I was pissed! How could he lie like this to her? He kind of played her, big time. I understand he loves her and this puts her at risk but still, WTF?!

Christina - I wasn't pissed. I was like DAMN. I had a feeling maybe right before he said he was. Yes when he got closer to her , he should have told her. I think he couldn't keep up the two people any more. So I did feel for him in his situation.

Chele- I was just shell shocked!  Like say what??

Dani-I wasn’t pissed, but I also didn’t feel bad. I mean he could have told her when he started getting serious about her. It was a really huge deal and I get why he kept it a secret... but there’s not supposed to be secretes with the person you love right? and that was a major secret!

AM- I couldn't sympathize at first. I felt bad that he lost his family and felt he needed to live this lie but if I was Olivia, I would have been hurt.

Christina - ya hurt would have been on my mind too. I think reading it I was more shocked like.... Holy F!

Dani- I agree. I felt bad for Cash too but he wanted Olivia to trust him so much, but yet he didn’t trust her enough until he got caught. Not cool and I would have been devastated.

Chele- I think I would have been sooo hurt.  Look what he put her through with her thoughts of being a bad cousin too.

Chapter 31

AM-  Olivia is justified in her anger... “I rock between anger and mortification then back to anger.”

Christina - I understood her Anger. I would have been. I would have gone back and forth as well.

Dani- She’s definitely justified. Especially realizing the guy you slept with was also sleeping with the Ice Princess. ~~Ick!

Chele- Dani has it right there.  I think knowing that he was playing both Marissa and myself is what would make me mad.  If he had been single than it would be a bit different.

Chapter 32

AM- “I resist the urge to throw my phone across the room.  The next step is hers.  It’s her choice.  I’m just going to have to accept that and go along with her decision.  Because I won’t beg. I won’t ever beg a female for anything. I just won’t.” Haha, Cash sounds like me before I give in and call/text a guy. Lol. #CashandAMareLame lol

Christina - I know he said he wouldn't beg but I think he'd keep trying to get her back. I dunno, as much as he wanted her. But glad he gave her time to think ya know? I would have done the same thing AM lol.

Dani-I would have caved *hangs head* I’m horrible at that.

Chele- I would totally be strong and resist because I am awesome like that!  *LOL, if you believed that I have a bridge I can sell you!*

WOWZER!!  We are almost done!  We are so cruel to leave you hanging like this but seriously we have one more day so you need to come back tomorrow and see how this ends and our predictions for Up To Me!  

Before we go though we thought we would leave you with a few of our favorite Margarita recipes...whose do you think Cash would pick in this fight??

Also, don't forget to head over to and enter their Rafflecopter and Comment on Day 2 of the Read A Long for a chance to win an Up To Me e-book (same for ours too). Who knows the more you comment on our blogs the more likely it will be that you could win!
Chele's Favorite!!

It’s actually a Corona-Rita and it is double the fun, just like Cash and Nash, because it is both a Margarita and a nice smooth Corona Beer :)

  • 1 oz. Tequila
  • 2 oz. Margarita Mix (any brand)
  • 1 oz. Triple Sec
  • 7 oz. Corona or Corona Light
  • 1 Lime Wedge
In a cocktail shaker, pour the first three ingredients (do not pour beer in the shaker). Shake vigorously until ice cold. Strain into tall glass with ice and top with Corona beer.

Here is my actual New Years Eve version for you ;)

AM- Okay ladies and gents here is my easier, cheater way of making margaritas...
Buy a bottle of whichever flavor of Jose Cuervo Maragarita mix...
Add ice into the blender and I’m assuming you're suppose to add Jose Cuervo’s tequila but I used Patron Silver instead... Enjoy!! I saved you time and cash, lol.

Christina - My Margarita Reciepe

Pomegranate Margarita


  • 1/4 cup pomegranate juice, store bought is fine, plus seeds for garnish
  • 1/3 cup Tequila Blanco (about 4 ounces)
  • 1/8 cup Triple Sec (about 1-ounce)
  • 1/4 cup fresh lime juice (about 2 ounces)
  • 12 ounces ice cubes
  • Margarita salt, optional


Combine all ingredients, except salt, in a blender and pulse until frothy and well combined. Rim glasses with lime juice using a lime wedge then dip in margarita salt, drop some fresh pomegranate seeds in the bottom of the glass and pour margarita mix over the top.

Dani- Yum Margaritas!!! haha Ok so those the ladies above me ritas look yummy I LOVE MINE!

Mango Margarita

  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 1 lime, cut into 4 wedges
  • 1/4 cup tequila
  • 1/2 cup lime juice
  • 1 small mango, diced
  • crushed ice
1 Sprinkle the salt onto a side plate. Rub the rim of the margarita glasses with one of the lime wedges and dip the rims into the salt.
2 Mix all ingredients (except the salt and remaining lime wedges) in a blender until smooth.
3 Pour into the glasses and garnish with a fresh lime wedge.( I use slices of Mango)

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