Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Down To You Chat and Giveaway!!

Happy New Year SupaCrazy peeps!  We are sooo stoked to be reading Down to You together to kick off our year the right way!  So let’s dig in, shall we?

Here is a little key as to who is chatting so you can keep up:
Chele @ Supa Gurl Books
Dani @ Crazy Book Chicks
Christina @ Crazy Book Chicks
BookGeek AM @ Supa Gurl Books

Chele- I must confess I was hesitant to read this book because I couldn’t get past the whole girl in love with twins concept.  I just thought it would be icky...boy, was I wrong!

CP- I was excited to read the whole twin thing, it sounded exciting and I knew that all of Michelle's books are so good that I wasn't too worried. It was better than expected !

AM-  I was nervous about the twin angle, but lets just say I got over it, lol.

Chapter One Highlights

Chele- You know when you start a book and the 34th word in is ‘stripper’ you’re in for a ride! LOL

Dani-I know right! Not going to lie it got me excited about what was going to come next.

Chele- One of the many things I love about M. Leighton’s writing is her little urban dictionary type comments..ie rawr and effin’

Dani- I love that too but also the way she describes everything. It makes it feel like you’re the person in the room not Olivia.

AM- The comedy was an unexpected plus. Normally the formula is steaminess + drama = Adult Novel but M. Leighton definitely lays on the comedy. <3 ~~~true story!

C- It makes me feel like I'm Olivia, staring at him. Her descriptions make my mouth water!

Chele- Hot stripper guy scene!!!  I wanna undress him!  Can I, can I?

D-Oh me too! “really tall, and built like a football player--wide chest and shoulders, thick arms and legs, tiny waist in between.” Umm yes I would gladly volunteer to do some undressing!

AM- Ladies! I give ya’ll permission. Have at him, lol. ~~~Woot! Woot! She is giving us the go ahead!!

C- Seriously me too! I loved how he teased her, tempting her right there!

AM- His eyes were “sinful.” *melts*

Chapter Two Highlights

Chele- Well this is Cash..goody goody bc I have heard soooo much about it!  Um, I mean him ;)

Dani-I love the dual POV and M.Leighton is boss at it. ~~Me too!

Dani- I love how Cash teases Olivia into getting her to undress him. The way M. Leighton describes the fight in Olivia’s eyes and then when she makes her decision. Then the way she rubs against him....Damn can I be Olivia?

AM- Haha, he totally played them all. “Ladies, this is Jason.  He’ll be entertaining you tonight.” I would have been mortified.

Chele- I’d be like well forget Jason I want you!!

Christina- I love the Dual POV's! I wanted more. I loved "I'm Cash Davenport I own the club". I heard oh crap in my head!

Chele- Awe Cash Davenport it was so nice to meet you and I can’t wait to see more of you!

AM- Yes, more Cash, maybe driving some form of machinery, lol. *winks*

Chapter Three Hightlights

Chele- “You sure are full of fire!  Maybe I should've taken your shirt off instead.”

AM- Oh please YES!!!!

Dani- Swoon! Seriously and what comes after that...OMG

Chele- Why does he have to put his shirt back on?  Can’t he go through the whole book shirtless?

AM- Haha, Chele...

Dani- I know right Chele! Shirtless Cash is definitely something that needs to be oogled!

Christina - Cash is so swoon, I love his hilarious and sarcastic comments! And this
"You'd better close those lips before I'm tempted to kiss them and really give you something to be all hot and bothered about "
I was like "faint".  

Chele- me tooooo!

Chele- So we see Olivia is gun shy of bad boys..this is important to note readers!

AM- Finally!! Nash!

Dani- OMG and the morning after the incident meeting Nash! Talk about AWKWARD

Chele- And Marissa?  Talk about biotch!

Dani- She definitely defines Ice Princess doesn’t she?

Chapter Four Highlights

Dani-So this is the first time I’ve seen multiple POVs and we get introduced to Nash. Apparently there’s something awesome about Olivia because he’s just as attracted to her as his twin was.

Chele- *cries into her pillow* I hate Olivia!  LOL, why does she get hot twins??  Actually I like her which makes it worse!

Dani- *pouts* No lie right! Stuff like that doesn’t happen to me!

AM- It happened to me last week. *Shrugs* Natural occurance for me... I KID, lol. LOL, AM!

Chele- Hey Nash, I’m a cute, rumpled, fiery brunette!  Really I am!

AM- ANDDDDD, she’s an air sign. Oh wait, so am I!

Dani- I love that Olivia is a brunette, It seems like all girls are busty blondes these days.

Christina - Love the Nash/Cash/Olivia POV's  and how they put things into perspective. And ya, no fair on her getting the twins. As long as Marissa gets none I'm good! :)

Chapter Five Highlights

Dani- How awesome is Shawna? ”Don’t even lie to me, you wench! I know you to well. He had that whole bad boy thing going on.” Our poor Olivia has a weakness for bad boys, but who doesn’t?

Chele- We all need good friends like Olivia has.

Christina- I have a friend like that, her name is Dani. Or am I that friend? Lmao. I love Shawna!

Dani- “Don’t even get me started on her. I will cut a bitch.”  -Shawna M. Leighton definitely has an awesome sense of humor and we could all use a dose of it.
Chele- Agreed!

Chele- Oh, Knight in shining armour, Nash to the rescue.

Dani- “I have no clue. I have ovaries; therefore I repel all things mechanical.” Ain't that the truth ladies? ~~Too funny. ~~TOO True!

Chele- I think I snorted out loud when I read that.

Christina - ya I snorted lol

Chapter Six Highlights

Dani- Honestly I don’t see what Nash sees in Marissa. He knows she’s a spoiled brat but yet he stays with her.

Chele- This starts me not liking Nash just a bit.  He may be hot and funny but why stay with the chic?  

AM- Love is blind and it’ll take over your mind. Lol, Marissa is insecure. There has to be something we’re not seeing here.

Chele- Okay liking Nash again because he and Olivia have such great chemistry you can’t help it!

AM- The flirting, me likes a lot.

Christina- I sorta disliked Nash for a few minutes. But I saw how sweet he was with Olivia and started to change my mind.

AM- Lord all the clues are there!! *Shuts mouth*

Chapter Seven Highlights

Chele- Cash is cheeky!  Mmmmm, I like a little cheeky in my guy. ~~No comment, lol.

Chele- Sweet Lord, Cash has a way with words!  “That’s because you haven't given me the chance to bring out the best in you.”

Dani- I know right! It makes him well rounded! I mean he’s not only Hot but he can also captivate you with what he says.

Chele- Oh Cash is so confident.  Totally sexy in a guy!

Dani- He definitely has no problem going after what he wants. *sigh* If he would only want me!

AM- I’ll campaign for us ladies.

Christina - Cash is hot personified! He draws you in and makes you just want to drop your panties!

AM- What panties? *looks around*

Chapter Eight Highlights

AM- “I can already see that girl’s gonna have a way of making me do and say crazy, stupid shit.” I love this line.

Dani- Oh Cash you can push me anytime!

Chele- Sounds like Cash is a might bit crazy about Olivia.

Dani- I agree Chele, he’s definitely has an infatuation going on with her.

Christina - Cash definitely wants her and isn't going to give up.

AM- Ladies, what would you do for your audition? (Alil strip tease, shots!!) Lol

Chapter  Nine Highlights

Chele- Um, I don’t care how sexy you are...don’t call me at 6AM! < ~~~ Not a morning person!

AM- Ditto. Text message is preferred, but If Nash decided to call me at 6am, he’ll get a pass. Lol.

Dani- Seriously though right! But it was Nash so I guess that makes it a little ok!

Chele- Prediction: Taryn= nightmare to work with.  Marco= Another hot guy eyeing Olivia! Seriously!!

Dani- What is it with Olivia that these guys are falling all over her and where can i  
get it? Taryn seems uber bitchy and Marco seems like he’s going to be fun.

Christina - I really dislike Taryn. She makes me want to slap her. I wish Cash would fire her.

AM- I’ll slap her. *evil grin*

Chapter Ten Hightlights

Dani-Why is it that guys assume girls consider bad boys to be unsuccessful or jobless? Clearly bad boy could be a number of things.

Chele- Audition time!  Body Shot...*jaw drops*

AM- Make mine Patron please!!!

Dani- Body shot + Cash=HOTNESS!! ~~Yes girl!!!

Christina - I seriously loved the Body shot scene! I was like can that be me?! Please?!

AM- I heard you haven't lived until you’ve done a body shot, 2013 goal?? Lol

Dani- Cash is pretty damn observant isn’t he?

Christina - Yes, he is. It's like he can read her well!

Chapter Eleven Highlights

Chele- “Damn the bad boys!”  Amen honey! ~~LOL

AM- Her 1st thought is of Cash. Mine too.

Dani-What the hell is Taryn’s issues? I  mean  jealous much?

Chele- Marissa had got to go.  Olivia so totally needs to just steal Nash now because that witch is icky!

Dani-She definitely is Chele! Can you believe the  nerve “ Olivia, I’m sure Nash won’t give you a second thought.” Oh hell to the no I would have slapped her!

Christina - I would have slapped her too. She's a first class B!

AM- *pulls off earrings/ ties hair back.* Let’s GO Girls!! ~~SupaCrazy Girls don’t play!

Chapter Twelve Highlights

Dani-Poor  Olivia she’s so worried about looking horrible. Dame Ice Princess did it on purpose but Nash handled it well for a guy.

AM- Haha, too funny. “Ohhhh, so that’s how it’s gonna be!  Because  there’s a McDonald’s right across the street.” He’s so bad.

Chele- “Baby, if that’s your definition, I’d be a four-star General.”  Oh so see Nash is a bad boy too, obviously.

Dani-Nash is definitely a bad boy....

Christina- Oh ya he's a bad boy.. *snickers*

AM- Lmao *snickers with Christina*

Chapter Thirteen Highlights

Chele- Hahaha, I love how flustered Olivia get’s when talking with Nash in the car.  Her random spewing of stuff is hilarious.

Dani-OMG I was so embarrassed for her. I don’t blame her though, I probably would have done the same thing!

Dani-Vapid Barbie....ugh really?! Olivia did a good job telling her off though!

Chele- Bahaha!  I loved that!

Christina- Yes she rocked that tell off! I was like, ‘you go girl!’

Chele- Hmmm, so Nash finally opens up and we see it seems to be playing a part as a means to an end.  What could that be??

AM- *Begins playing mysterious music* “You’re not the misfit.  I am. I’m the one masquerading as something I’m not,” he says pensively.” ~~Hmmmmm

Chapter Fourteen Highlights

Chele- Woah!  Prison!

AM- Murder?!?!

Dani- That totally wasn’t what I was expecting!  But when you think about it I guess it makes sense on why he puts up with Marissa.

AM- “I want Olivia in the kind of misery that makes her sweat and writhe, and then beg me to come inside her.” *dies* Shit, I’m a ghost now, lol.

Chele- *melting to a puddle of goo now*

AM- *throws ice water on Chele* My Turn!!!
My God he bit her. **Chele returns favor and throws water on AM**

Dani- *sigh* Almost hot rondevu on the top of the building? Yes please!

Christina - When they stopped I was like noooooo. But my thoughts are, hmmm Nash likes Olivia a bit more than I thought.

AM- When they stopped, I cried on the inside. ~lmao

Chapter Fifteen Highlights

Chele- I’m not gonna lie.  I don’t think I would have had the restraint Olivia had, cousins boyfriend or not.

AM- *giggles* Bad Chele! What cousin?

Dani- I know that’s right Chele..I would of went all the way and then possibly felt guilty afterwards.

AM- Did he just reference a snake? *blushes*

Chapter Sixteen Highlights

Dani- It seems the resident bad boy is suffering from a mighty big crush on Olivia.

Chele- Cash again.  Does Cash know that Olivia went with Nash?

Christina - Something tells me he has a tad of a clue. But why is that? ~~LOL, no clue.

AM- I hope Cash gets what he wants... *giggles*

Incase you haven't guessed it, #TeamCash right here!

Phew, Sixteen chapters down and already some smoking scenes!  What do you think?  Are Cash and Nash making you melt as much as the rest of us?

How about a little fun?  Here’s a little question for you:

What would you prefer to do for your audition?
a. bar dance - choose a song
b. body shot - choose your poison
c. sing along - choose your song
d. crowd crawl - choose your song

AM- I wanna play along too! I pick b. Body Shot, Patron to “Shots” by LMFAO
Chele- Well I need to play too!  Hmmmm, I think I would bar dance!  LOL!  I don’t know what song though...maybe a little country?  Country Girl by Luke Bryan ;)  I’m a Southern gal after all!

Give us your answer in the comments and one random person (at each blog- you can enter on both blogs and double your chances) will win an e-book of Up To Me!!! You will get Up To Me on Sunday the 6th upon it's release so comment away.

Also, don’t forget to let us know who you’re rooting for on Twitter #TeamCash #TeamNash #TeamOlivia #TeamMarco #TeamTwins ;)

See You on Thursday for some Cash and Nash fun (with lots of pictures!) and then on Friday we will post another chat covering chapters 17- 32 and another GIVEAWAY so keep reading!


  1. I would go for the body shot like come on For some one like cash who wouldn't go for the body shot lol

  2. Bar Dance to Porn Star Dancing because that song is my guilty pleasure

  3. um... They other ones seem alot more... soo out of my league... SO I'm totally going for C: sing along - I would probably pick a very lame song like Don't cry for me Argentina <-- a definite crowd pleaser I'm sure =) #TeamCash

  4. I'm gonna go with a lil a/b combo....i want a body shot to Cash singing The Whistle Song!!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!! Damn that was good for me!!! Can't hear that song without thinking of Cash singing it!!! *Swoons* #TEAMCASH


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