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Down To You Read A Long Wrap Up

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Spoiler Alert!!! If you have not read Down To You do NOT read this! It spoils the book and that is just NO FUN!
Chapter 33

AM-  Okay at this point Olivia. I need you to give in. Lol. I need me some Cash!

Christina - I agree ... I was tired of hearing her musing. Just go get him Damn it

Dani- I’m telling you she needs to FFFEEEEELLLL and stop thinking!

Chele- but seriously girls...have you ever been there?  Everything is perfect, just what you want except for that one HUGE thing called deceit and lies?? ARGH!  You can’t blame her can you??

Chapter 34

AM- HAHAHAHA. “It’s only Wednesday and I’ve already lost count of how many times I’ve called Olivia.  I should be embarrassed.” Hey everyone, Cash is really my twin! Lol.

Christina - No my twin. That's so me!!! ~~LOL

Dani-Well if he’s y’alls twin that leaves him available for me!! SCORE *Evil laugh*  ~~well played Dani, well played!

AM- OKAY!!!!!!! At this point I need all the men to take notes, lol. “I’m desperate not to lose her.  But I don’t know what to do next.  I hate to go to her house and force her to talk to me.” If you truly want something, you don't stop! You pursue, damn it!!! Go get her!!

Christina - Yes!! Go get her, pick her up.. Grab her and love her! LoL

Dani-Yes take notes men we want to be pursued!

AM- “To talk to her.  To touch her and taste her again.” Oh damn!! *dies*

Christina - I loved those words. He has it bad for her. He's not going to give up. I knew he couldn't stay away. He wants to do something for himself finally , and he should :)

AM- So True Christina!!


Chele- Never say never!  When you love someone that much you can’t just walk away Cash!!

Chapter 35

AM-  “But I thought Cash was unattached. I thought he was into me.  All about me. At least for the time being.  As much as a guy like that ever is “into” one specific girl.  But it was all a lie.” I’m angry again! *RAWR* Olivia is right! Cash is so wrong. Damn you Cash! I thought you were better than the rest, lol.

Christina - I truly was tired of Olivia at this point. Sigh lol.

AM- Christina, but she has a point! He was intimate with The Wench as Nash and trying to get with her as Cash, its just wrong. Lol~~ So SO SOO wrong *smh*

Christina - true true... I think I was ready for the moving on part. ~~LOL

Dani- *Sigh* Oh Cash....

Chele- Christina wanted some more bow chika wow wow!  I for one agree with Olivia when she thinks of Cash this way how do you forgive and forget??  She needs to talk to him to hear his answers...

Chapter 36

Chele- Awww Cash!  His thoughts on himself show just why he did what he did.  As Nash he felt like a winner, respected.  It took all this to make him see that he is Nash, he is “a winner all on my own”.  Now go win Olivia honey!!

AM- “Bringing her into all this, that doesn’t sound like you care for her at all.” ~~Hmmp. *frowns*

Christina - No bueno dad.

AM- LOL “Whoa. I didn’t say I loved her.” Dad smiles at me.  “You didn’t have to.” Cash is too funny.

Dani-Parents know these things! Besides the fact that is effin obvious to everyone but MR. Denial ~~Why do guys have to deny what they know is true!

Christina - Oh he loves her.... He shows it . Thrown her down in the shower and love her. Wait did I say that?

AM- Lmaooooo. - I get carried away ;)
Trust I get carried away all the time. I’m very calm for this read along. Lol

Chapter 37

Chele- Okay, freaking Olivia!  You listen to those messages and then you just walk on by him!  WTH!

Dani-I wouldn’t have been able to do it! I would have caved and talked to him, thrown myself over the bar at him...
Christina - same here, I woulda cried and said okay okay lol

Chele- “It all boils down to you.  I just want you”  Thank you Lord Jesus!! Oh and then we get a little car action!

Dani-Seriously had me crying here, not gonna lie...nothing sexier than a man who says how he feels. The car action is muy Caliente!! *cold shower coming up*

Christina - this made me love Cash more.

Chapter 38

Chele- Oh Cash, you still don’t want to put names to your feelings but we ALL know what it is!

Dani- oh yeah we do... Olivia is so damn lucky!!
Christina - yes... We know, and I'm sure she could see it.

Chele- Ruh roh!  The boyfriend/Dad talk!

Dani- Soooo cute! “From that point on, I can’t seem to wipe the smile from my face.” *swoon*

Christina - it's adorable, I was like awww it's finally settling in here.

Chapter 39

Chele - Stupid Marissa!  Don’t you think you should have thought of her before the car hood fun Olivia??

Dani-Right Chele! I mean damn I don’t like Marissa but still.
Christina - ehhh I'm done with Marissa lol.

Chele- “You feel like home”  *The. End.*

Dani-*sigh* That Chele seriously is the best thing he’s ever said to Olivia!

Christina - awww she's his home. I swooned and sighed right there.

Dani-“Lost to Cash. Forever.” You and me both Olivia!
Christina - is there a to go box? I'll take Cash to go please
Chapter 40

Chele- Cash is so very smart!  He cleans his loft and he knows to not offer a grown independent woman money.  Very astute stud muffin all she needs is you!

Dani- "All right then. Get your ass over here.” Sir yes Sir *jumps in the car*

Christina - *salutes* yes sir!! Love how he tells her to do stuff.... It's hot.

Chapter 41

Chele- I do have to say these two are going to be one fit couple if they keep burning calories this way ;)

Christina - sex the best workout! LoL

Dani- If I had Cash in my bed, hell no complaints would be coming from me.

Oh and just when you thought there was this beautiful fairy tale ending...BAM  Epilogue!

Chele- Duffy?  Who’s Duffy?

Dani- Why does Duffy refer to himself as Duffy?

Chele- WHAT!  Oh frakidy frak frak!

Christina - oh ML , you have us going ... Waaa umm huh????

Dani-OH SNAPS.... just when we thought it was over...Duffy has to go and screw it up!

To be continued....

OMG!  You guys that is all.  Thankfully book #2 Up To Me comes out SUNDAY!!  So we don’t have to wait long to figure this all out.  

We thought it would be fun to throw in a little playlist here for you.  These songs are picked by M. Leighton, Crazy Book Chicks and the Supa Gurls as songs that best fit Down To You.  

So as I said we each chose a song.  Here is what we chose and why...

Dani- Okay so I chose Cobra Starship “Good girl’s go bad” because let’s be honest, Cash is the bad boy that you would do anything for even if it means you break your heart... “I know your type boy you’re dangerous yea you’re that guy I would be stupid to trust but just one night couldn’t be so wrong you make me wanna lose control” Need I say more? Then I also chose LMFAO “Sexy and I know it” because Cash is damn sexy and he knows i can totally imagine him “wiggle wiggle” wiggling it....oh snap did i just say that...*nods head* yup totally just said that!

Christina - I chose Bloodstream by Stateless as one of my songs because it makes me think of how they both are in each others bloodstream. Cash can only think of Olivia and wants her so bad. And even though Olivia tries to hide it, Cash is in hers. If you close your eyes and listen to it you can invasion it as a love making song. :) *sigh*
My next song is Head over Feet by Alanis Morissette. I am thinking this is more for the ending, where Olivia has heard about all about Cash and is now Saying "you've already won me over in spite of me, don't be alarmed if I fall head over feet". I feel that would be what she would say. However I think Cash was head over feet first!

Chele- I chose Tonight I’m F***ing you by Enrique Iglesias (Only the dirty version was available on Spotify...just like Cash).  I chose this because of how cocky Enrique is..he could totally be Cash:

I know you want me
I made it obvious that I want you too
So put it on me
Let's remove the space between me and you
Now rock your body
Damn I like the way that you move
So give it to me, oh oooohh...
Cause I already know what you wanna do”

and his “you know my motivation, given my reputation”
but best of all it’s just his very clear statement that “Tonight I’m lovin’ you”

I also chose Turn me on by Nicki Minaj and David Guetta:  that one is pretty obvious.  I’m all about Cash turning me on ;)

AM Couldn’t get back to us on her songs so I’m throwing these in for her!

AM- Earlier in the week AM chose Pony by Ginuwine as her song she would do her Cash audition bar dance for and she chose LMFAO Shots as the song she would do a body shot to ALL with Cash of course!

So that’s it SupaCrazy Down To You lovers!  How was it?  Better than you expected?  Cashtastic?  Cashgasmic??  

But Guess what?!?  We are NOT done yet!  (holla!)  We are coming back on Sunday the 6th to introduce Up To Me to you and give away lots of copies and then start reading all over again!  

Who’s stoked about that??  ~~me!  I am!

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  1. I can't wait for Sunday!!! When I first read the book I thought okay cool there back together at the end and then she does the awesome epilogue with the awesome freaking cliffhanger that makes you want more and makes you think wtf is going to happen next!!! Btw I would of pick shots at my song bcuz I wouldn't mind taking shots out of any part of cash body lol.


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