Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's a Wrap! Up To Me Final Chat

It's our last chance to get it on with Cash, Nash, Gavin and those other peeps!
Let's dig in and finish out Up To Me...

Chapter 25

AM- Asskicking as commenced!! ~GET EM CASH & GAVIN. - *puts on cheerleader outfit* Go Cash, Go Gavin!

Chele- Look, I found that pic of us when we were cheerleaders!  :)

AM- Cash!!!!! ~OH SNAP.....

AM- I can't wait until they tell eachother how they feel about one another.

Dani-IKR it’s time like nike says...”JUST DO IT”
Christina - I know get it out in the open!!

AM- Gavin aka “The Cleaner.” Lol ~~He is scary man!

Dani- Not gonna lie...Gavin is kinda hot! You can come guard me anytime Gavin! *winks*

Christina - He made me laugh when he was like, oh I'll just clean up this mess

Chapter 26

AM- “Good God! I’m gonna wake up with ovaries if this shit doesn’t stop!” Lol Cash is a fool.

Dani- Haha I love it though.

Chele- Freaking man is stubborn!

AM- Oh no, Liv’s mother is coming over. FML moment up ahead. ~*ducks and hides*

Christina - Gets ready for the nasty lol.

AM- I actually missed Nash, starting to really like him, lol.

AM- Haha Nash broke out as soon as he could. I totally predict Nash and Marrisa hooking up. For real, FOR REAL! Lol~ ooooh ME TOO!

Chele- ME THREEEEE, didn’t I already predict this?

AM- Haha, I love this song!! Cash is too silly. How could you not love Cash?!

Chele- That was so cute..he made a wittle joke

AM- “Let me make you feel better.” YES PLEASE!!!!!! ~DITTOxInfinity!!!! -uh hello yes!!!

Chele- Maybe I’m just not up on my ‘how would you feel after getting drugged and kidnapped by killers feelings’  BUT I really don’t think a little romp in the shower would be on my agenda.  Just sayin’  
ps. not that we don’t appreciate it though M Leighton!

Chapter 27

AM- Cash in the nude. 

Lmao ~bhahahaha lmaoooooo

AM- Lmaooo, Triplets!!!! “Sweet mother of sex, they’re triplets!” ~Oh Ginger how I love you! - She's a friend we all need to keep it real.

Chele- How old is Ginger?  I totally forsee a little Ginger/Gavin thing happening too..he hasn’t met her yet and she is gonna love her some Aussie!~~ OMGosh yes I can see it now...Cash&Olivia, Nash&Marissa, Gavin&Ginger #EPIC

AM- Welcome Marrisa!! “Marissa’s had a stroke.” ~~LOL. She’s changed. Yay! Now go be with the new Nash! ~Hmm now is the change permanent...that is the question?  ~~I think I like the new Marissa!

AM- Mother Dearest has arrived! *AM goes crazyyyyyy, NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!!!!!!* Lol  LOL

Dani-*laughs from hiding behind the bed at AM* ~~LOL

AM- Olivia’s speech... *tears*

Christina - Best speech award goes to Olivia! :) *claps*

Dani-Girl knows how to give a good speech *hands AM a tissue* *DANI STOP LOLLL*

AM-  My fave part!! “I did it for love, Mom. I did it for Cash. Because I love him.  It was important to him, therefore it was important to me.” FINALLY!!! **claps*

Chele- “We did it all for love....”  Anyone remember that 80’s song?  Hint:  It was in Karate Kid Part II

Dani-*breaks out in a dance* FINALLY SHE SAID IT!!

Christina - it's about time she told off her mother and said how she feels!!!

Chele- *does this* 

Chapter 28

AM- Second ace???

Dani- Uh oh I smell danger ahead.

AM- Why can’t you say the words back Cash?? Poor Olivia. She played her disappointment well.

Dani-*sigh* Come on Cash we all know you feel it soooo just say it already...sheesh

Christina - He'll say audience.

AM- “I hope you do a better job of it this time than last.” Haha Nash! Love him.

AM- I’m so confused!!! the 2nd ace is Duffy, but why? Ladies help me!!

Dani-Well here’s the problem... is Duffy reliable or not?

Christina - ML did a great Job of dropping a surprise bomb on this one.

AM- Cash is about to flip his wig!! (Don’t steal my phrase people!!) Lol

Dani- I’m surprised he hasn’t went ballistic already...ML how you like to torture us.

Chele- I just can’t take this anymore!!  It’s to much drama, too many bombs...AHHHHH! *runs away*

Chapter 29

AM- It’s about to go DOWN!!! Lets go Cash!!!


AM- “Have I told you that I love you?” YESSSSSSSSSSSSS. ~~No AM not lately you haven’t?

Dani-Umm thats still not “Olivia I LOVE YOU” but I guess it works ~~I agree with you Dani but I guess we can take it.

Christina - I'm having an awww moment here.

AM- “The funny thing is, the only thing I want is you.  Just you.  If it was up to me, I’d make the world disappear and it would be just us.  Just you and me.” Awweeeeeee Cash!

Dani*sigh* PERFECT

Christina - Magic in words right there! Sigh

AM- LORD its time!!! CHELE, ice buckets!!!!

AM- I cannot repeat what goes down next BUT... “I’ll make you come so hard, you can’t say anything but my name,” he forces out through gritted teeth.” LOGS OFF.

Dani-Hot damn!! *fans self* Hey Chele ICE por favor

Christina - *gulps* Yes please..... Hot...*faints*

Chele- I TOLD you all there would be some sexual healing going down in this sextion!!!!! LOL get it ;) ~~bahaha good one Chele

Chapter 30

AM- “So what’s the deal with Nash and Marissa?” That is what I keep asking?! Lol

Dani-*Bow chica bow wow* bahha thats whats going to happen... I predict it! -Agreed

AM- Marrisa knows that not the NASH she’s been dating, right??

Dani- I would hope so because Nash can’t pull off the Nash Cash played..

Christina - Maybe she's too dumb to notice? ~~LOL, I’m pretty sure she knows

AM- Oooohhhh nooooo Nash!

AM- Haha, now Cash is acting douchy.

Dani- In fairness I think he has every reason to act like a douche

AM- Uh oh, Liv and Cash’s first big fight. Who’s side are we on ladies??

Dani- Bros before hoes...wait Hoes before bros?! Eff it I’m Switzerland I’m neutral territory. ~~LOL

AM- Let me break down this argument... Lol. “Olivia, she’s a grown woman. She can do whatever she wants to.  And it’s not like she had nowhere safe to go. She could’ve stayed with her father.  She just didn’t want to.” ~Bad Cash!!! I don't agree. He seems so callous.

Dani- Though he seems that way AM he does bring up a very valid point.. she could have stayed with her father where it is safe... I’m not sure she’s completely turned over a new leaf it still seems like she’s trying to get the attention...Now do I agree with the way Cash handled that, definitely not. He could have been nicer about the situation and

Christina - I think Cash is still trying to be protective here. But there are nicer ways to out that.

Chele- Cash is just being a lugheaded caveman!

AM-Good Cash! You are redeemed, lol. “What the hell would I do if something happened to you?  I couldn’t let you come here with her by yourself.  I couldn’t take the risk. I’ll never take the risk if the risk is losing you.  Never.” Done! Lol #TeamCash

Dani-#TeamCash all the way
Christina - #alwaysbeenTeamCash.

AM- “I’m in love with you, Olivia Townsend.” *sighs*


Christina - Adorable

Chele- I LOVE Olivia & Cash!  I’m #TeamCashia or #TeamOlivash


AM-  I told YOU girls! Yea-yaaaaaaaaaaa.

Dani- I think you're referring to the wake up?

AM- Nash and Marrisa!!

AM- Who is CASH talking too?

Dani-If i had to guess I would say Duffy... but who knows at this point, it could be some new, some one old, hell it could be Gavin.

Christina - I'm leaning toward Duffy.

Chele- I was totally clueless at this Cash conversation too!  It made it sound like Cash was bad in a way...


Dani-I do believe this is going to be Nash’s story now....maybe we get to learn more about the ‘golden boy’ turning bad boy?!

Christina - I can't wait to hear more about Nash! :) lets see his side... And is he as sweet as Cash? Well sweet in a caveman way. LoL

Chele- SWEET there will be a PART THREE!!

And It's a WRAP! Thank you guys so much for joining us for
the Down To You/ Up To Me Read A Long!!
We have had sooo much fun sharing our thoughts on these books and hope you have enjoyed reading them!

Don't forget to show us and M. Leighton some love on Twitter, Goodreads, Facebook and all the blogs. See ya next time!

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