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Forged In Fire Tour Stop by Trish McCallan *Review & Top 5

I am kicking off this tour and you are going to get some eye candy to go along with my review! 

**oogle the SEALs**

Genre- Romantic Thriller
Release date- 9/04/2012
Beth Brown doesn't believe in premonitions. But her recent dream feels too real to ignore: a commercial airliner is hijacked, and a handsome passenger is shot dead. Beth hasn't met the mystery man in her dream; she would never forget a gorgeous face like his. But she can’t deny the bizarre connection she feels. Now awake, and unable to allow for the violence she’s convinced is impending, she races to the airport…and comes face to face with the man of her dreams.

Zane Winters lives for his job, using his uncanny psychic powers to carry out missions for elite SEAL Team 7. Yet the constant adrenaline highs can’t drown out the numbness seeping into his life as he yearns to find a woman he can trust. All that changes when he meets a beautiful stranger who sets his soul on fire—and somehow knows he’s about to die.

To thwart the global crisis the hijacking will unleash, Beth and Zane join forces. But even amid the danger, they can’t deny the powerful force drawing them together. Is it merely attraction…or destiny?

Trish McCallan was born in Eugene, Oregon, and grew up in Washington State, where she began crafting stories at an early age. Her first books were illustrated in crayon, bound with red yarn, and sold for a nickel at her lemonade stand. Trish grew up to earn a bachelor’s degree in English literature with a concentration in creative writing from Western Washington University, taking jobs as a bookkeeper and human- resource specialist before finally quitting her day job to write full time. Forged in Fire came about after a marathon reading session, and a bottle of Nyquil that sparked a vivid dream. She lives today in eastern Washington. An avid animal lover, she currently shares her home with three golden retrievers, a black lab mix and a cat.

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Five things that nobody knows about Trish McCallan
This blog tour makes the third one in twelve months, and there is one set of questions I have been dreading having to answer since I decided to open my life to public curiosity. Finally, the dice rolled and Heather brought the questions up. 

Name five things that nobody knows about Trish McCallan. 

I can only imagine the stunned disbelief my totally HONEST (honest!) answers are going to cause my unsuspecting readers. And I can only hope that the following revelations will not cause my fans to abandon my books and drive me back to the poor/dog house. 

Truth #1) The two biggest misconceptions about Trish McCallan are gender and species. Readers have come to the erroneous conclusion that I’m female and human. In actuality my name is Einstein and I’m a male golden retriever. It’s no coincidence that my Facebook profile is a golden retriever puppy. I was a damn cute puppy too! And smart! Incredibly intelligent. Have you read Dean Koontz’s book Watchers? If not, I highly recommend it, because the hero of the book is a genetically engineered, genius level golden retriever named Einstein. Believe it or not, this book is a thinly disguised autobiography of my maternal grandfather, who I was named after. And yes, I am even smarter than my grandfather. The genetically engineered smart gene has mutated through the years to true brilliance. Not that I’m bragging, or anything . . . . 

Truth #2) As the dozens of private detectives, FBI agents, CIA agents and Homeland Security agents who have investigated me through the years will tell you, there is no record that I existed until seven years ago. Which is because seven years ago, I was still sharing a whelping box with my eight brothers and sisters. I am only seven years old. In dog years, of course, I’m closer to 50.

Truth #3) Professional romance writer was not my first career choice. Prior to picking up the metaphorical pen, I was a professional movie star. Perhaps you’ve seen some of my work? Air Bud One, Two and Three? Beverly Hills Chihuahua? (I was in disguiseJ) But writing has long been a hobby of mine. Unlike my grandfather, who had to hire a ghost writer to tell his story, I was lucky enough to be born in a decade where computers can translate words to sentences. Once I was able to transcribe my barks into human words, I was set. Do you have any idea how impossible it is to maneuver pencil and pen when you have pads instead of fingers? And it takes forever to poke each key on a computer keyboard with a pencil gripped between my teeth, or spell out the words using scrabble letters like my grandfather did. 

Truth #4) Because my heroes apparently read so realistically, I’m often asked whether Trish McCallan is a pen name for an actual Navy SEAL. I’ve always laughed this accusation off, but since I am being so open and honest with you all- I might as well come clean about this, too. Yes, I was a Navy SEAL. But, because golden retrievers have such a good old boy reputation, I was forced to disguise myself as an attack German Shepard. (being a master of disguises comes in handy) Unfortunately, the sudden and painful onslaught of hip dysplasia force my retirement from the Navy.  

Truth #5) And the last thing people don’t know about me is what I look like. I have avoided posting pictures of myself (with the exception of my puppy picture) online because I knew the photo would give the game away. But now that you know who I truly am, let me regale you with my gorgeousness.  This is the REAL Trish McCallan. 


Cover: The cover for this book is what drew me in when I first read this book before... It's hot! and the promise of some Hot SEALs .. Even better!

Forged In Fire has it all ... Action, suspense, some para, romance and some hot ass men. The writing just makes it all come together in one Kick ass wild ride of a book!

Beth is a cool and calm gal. When she has a dream then the next day everything seems to be happening the way it did in her dream... she gets a little freaked. Beth is a downright awesome character! 

Zane... oh how I could go on for days about his fine ass! Zane is the LC of SEALs team 7 and a force to be reckoned with..
He is fiercely loyal to his team, he is also very valuable to them. I LOVED everything about him. He's drawn to Beth the instant he sees her and with everything else he does he puts his all into protecting her. 

The rest of the SEALs team are just as amazing and I cannot wait to get to know them better! Cosky and Rawls are gonna make me love them as much as I do Zane, I just know it.

I cannot go into detail about the story line without giving things away. Let's just say that it's a twisty good ride! The romance side is just fucking hot!!!

There is a mention of JR Wards BDB *which I love love* about throwing out bonding scents and saying Mine! Mine! Mine! ... I really laughed at this... b/c Zane can really be that kind of Alpha Male... RAWR!!

So... What do you need to do? GET THIS BOOK! Even if you read it before.. With the new Montlake version it's been updated!


  1. Wheeeee!!!! *Fans self* Those are some SMOKIN! shots you decorated your review with. I have to go take a cold shower now. :)

    They'll sure come in handy during the next love scene I have to write!

    Thanks for the awesome review and the kickass launch to my tour!

  2. Behind every great woman is a better dog!!! Thanks for fessing up and letting us know the real you. Things make so much more sense now. Should we pay for future books in kibble?

  3. KIBBLE!! O-O? I don't think so! Try lobster and rib eye steak. Then we can talk, or maybe we'll be so full we'll need to take a nap.


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