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Winter Chill by Aria Grace *TEASER* and FREE BOOK!

Let's all say a big Fuckin Hello to Aria Grace!! She is showing off her book Winter Chill whoooot!!

Winter Chill: A First Time Gay Novella
by Aria Grace and J.J. Hunter

I have for you an excerpt and well it's Hawt.... 

 An excerpt from Winter Chill:
I have another movie on my tablet. I think the battery has enough juice for one more if you want to watch it."

"Sure. Why not." I tried to act like it was no big deal, and it really shouldn't have been. I'd watched plenty of porn before. But I was so excited, a tremor ran down my body. I passed it off as a chill. "Is it okay if we watch it in bed? I'm freezing."

Daniel slid in and turned his tablet on. He held the pad on his chest so we could both see the screen. It was a rather tame "Girls Gone Wild" video. I'd seen it before. It didn't do a thing for me. I glanced at Daniel and caught him staring at me instead of the screen.

He said, "Are you into it?"

"Is this what you were watching last night?"

He licked his lips and shook his head. "I thought you'd like this one better."

"I've seen it a dozen times. Can we watch what you had on last night?" I couldn't resist teasing him, just a little. "You seemed to enjoy it."

"Okay. But it's...different. More hard core."

"Hard core is good." 

He wasn't kidding. There was a group of five naked guys sitting in a circle with two naked women on the floor in the middle. The women were in the 69 position and the guys were all jacking off as they watched. My eyes were glued to the screen as my dick filled with blood. Daniel shifted on the bed, pushing his back against the wall. He tucked his left arm under the blankets and set the tablet between us. I glanced at him. He was watching my reaction. I offered a half smile and let my right hand find my growing cock. At first, I just watched with my hand rolling around on the tip of my dick. I didn't know what was okay in a situation like this so I figured less was more. 

Daniel reached under his pillow and pulled out a couple of condoms. He handed one of them to me. "Here, use this."

"What for?" I was so fucking hard it hurt, but there was no way I was ready for anything requiring condoms.

"To keep the sheets clean." Daniel ripped the wrapper off the other condom with his teeth then slipped both hands beneath the covers to put it on. I wanted to watch him do it, but that was just too weird. The thought of Daniel's hand sliding down his shaft should not be making my cock throb.

My hands shook as I fumbled around under the covers, trying to put my own condom on. I'd done this a couple of times before, but never without being able to see what I was doing and definitely never with an audience. It was always just for practice. I didn't want to look like a total virgin the first time whether I was or not. I'd gone ahead and jacked off into them, no point wasting a perfectly good condom, but this felt more...well...more.

I finally figured out that it was upside down. When I flipped it over, I rolled that baby down my shaft like a pro. I smiled with a mixture of pride and relief. I glanced at Daniel and caught him staring at my crotch. He jerked his head up and shifted his gaze to the orgy on the screen. "Have you ever done this before?"

"What? Jacked off into a condom?"

"Jacked off with a friend." Daniel's gaze dipped to the tented blanket in my lap then back to my face.

"No. Have you?"

He nodded then shrugged. "It's no big deal. It doesn't mean anything."

"I know." I couldn't help noticing that he'd pitched his own tent. "It's not like we're gay or anything."

"Of course not." Daniel's arm moved up and down as he stroked himself under the covers.

My own hand matched his slow, languorous rhythm. 

There was just enough moonlight shining in to cast a dull glow in the room, but having no electronics on except for the battery powered alarm clock on the far side of the room was eerily quiet. I glanced down at the screen of Daniel's tablet. It was blank. The battery had died, but neither of us noticed. Daniel's gaze traveled over my body as he rocked his hips. I wanted to pull the blanket off him so I could watch, but I didn't dare. Instead, I angled my forearm up with every stroke so the blanket slipped lower. When the tip of my red-latex-sheathed cock peeked out, Daniel groaned.

 ..... YEAH like I said hawt ....

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